Choosing Between Aluminum and Vinyl Gutters

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A lot of people do not think much about the gutters of their homes. They’ll only notice it when there’s an issue. However, that should not be the case. 

For those who don’t know, gutters play an extremely vital part in the safety of your house. It helps direct melted snow and rainwater away from the foundation, walls, roof, and location of your home. This will help avoid an internal leak and premature deterioration.  

Fortunately, homeowners have the chance to choose the right gutter system for their house. So, what’s the best type of gutter for your gutter installation Ann Arbor project? Let’s find out. 

Factors to Consider 

Just like any building material, there are a couple of factors that influence your decision. The material cost, design, roof-style, location are all crucial factors to think about when choosing between aluminum and vinyl gutters.  

Other factors to consider include ease of replacement/repair and performance. Here are a couple of factors to think about to help you choose the right system for your needs: 

The Cost of the System 

The cost of aluminum vs vinyl gutters is a combination between installation and material costs. Typically, the cheaper option is vinyl gutter. This is particularly true when it comes to materials. However, they do not last as long compared to aluminum. In addition to that, they are more difficult to install.  

On the other hand, the aluminum gutter is a bit more expensive when it comes to its materials. However, they are always available, will last for a long period, and can be installed easily.  

The Installation of the Gutter 

Though almost every homeowner does not attempt to address the installation of their gutter system, it is vital to know how it works and how it can influence the cost of the project.  

Usually, vinyl gutters snap together. However, they take more time to install since they’ve got more seams. On the other hand, most professionals like to work with aluminum since they are easy to install. You can also personalize it easily to fit your needs.  

The Performance of the Gutter 

When it comes to vinyl gutters, there are some parts of the system where water can escape the channel since they come in sections. Because of this, you need to rely on the connecting pieces to work properly.  

On the other hand, aluminum gutters come in seamless or sections. Even if you choose sections, they will still perform better compared to vinyl gutters. The connections hold together better for more efficient performance.  

The Durability of the Gutter 

When it comes to durability, aluminum gutter systems are the clear winner. You’ll have a hard time looking for other options that can go against its durability. Usually, aluminum gutters can last for more than 20 years if you maintain them properly.  

Unlike aluminum, vinyl gutters are more prone to cracks and other problems. This is particularly true if you are located in a region with extreme weather conditions. If this is the case, your best bet is an aluminum gutter system.  

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